Toys For Bathing the Children

Water toys

The children are usually delighted by squirting water toys. Some of these toys, such as boats, swim on their own, but when you press a button, they release a stream of water. There is always a great choice of these kids toys for sale nowadays.

There are also toys that can be attached to the bath sides with the help of the suction cups. They are usually represented by a great variety of fountains, waterfalls and spinning mills. For boys you can buy even the several sets of car washes together with car collections.

water toys for kids

Fishing rods

As a rule during the bathing children enjoy catching fish using the rods. In this case fish are caught not on the hook, but on magnets. When the child catches one, the toy begins to blink.

Clockwork or battery operated toys

Being turned on, these toys are floating on their own. For example, fish can move its tail and fins, and frog pushes the legs from the water. These toys can be made in the form of any animal, boats or ships. Many of them may issue all kinds of sounds, blow bubbles, and perform other actions.

Interactive toys

Interactive toys are provided with a special sensor which operates at a time when the toy is put into water. For example, getting into water an interactive fish begins swimming, moving its tail and fins, and a dirty puppy in contact with water cleans and loses the dirty spots.

kid in bath

Gaming centers for swimming

Gaming centers are usually attached by special suckers to the wall or bath sides. They can be represented even by the whole water park with funny small animals that are climbing up, rolling out and diving into the water.

What should we pay attention to!

First of all don’t forget that the bathing toys should be appropriate for the baby’s age. For example, a child who has just started to sit, do not need the items, which sound rather loudly, as they may scare the kid, and he/she can completely refuse to accept water procedures.

In addition, toys should not have any small parts, as each child initially wants “try on a tooth”. The small toy parts can be swallowed unfortunately.

Each toy must have a special certificate proving that it has been made from high-quality and safe materials that do not emit toxic substances. In this high-quality toys should not be “shedding” under the water influence.

You should also remember that any toy has to develop a child’s imagination, to satisfy his/her needs for knowledge of the world and to contribute the development, not only mentally and physically, but also emotionally. Therefore, it is recommended not to have too many toys, so as a kid will lose the interest in them too quickly.