Top 8 Most Tattooed Football Players

Very often football players are trendsetters, for example regarding clothes or hairstyles. And tattoos are not an exception. Today almost every football player has the original decorations on his body. So let’s look at the most tattooed football players in the world.

1.Djibril Cisse

Djibril Cisse

Cisse is basically one of the most “painted” football players of our time. And among black players he has no competitors. Almost all his body is covered with tattoos.Naturally, for this Djibril spent more than one month. New tattoos appeared gradually. Among the first were the wings on the back, which he was called “archangel”.

Basically Cisse has different patterns, symbols, and so on. Among the most original tattoos are traces of feline paws on the one hand and leopard spots on the other. The Frenchman even left a free space on his body under the tattoo for the names of his three offsprings.

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