3. Polysphincta gutfreundi is a wasp parasite, which is quite harmlеss to humans. Wasp finds spider, that is peacefully sitting on its web. Then this insect puts eggs into spider´s belly.

Larvae begin to eat the spider. Also, they completely change the spider’s awareness using various substances injected into the victim’s body. Spider instead of creating his usual web, spins a strong cocoon for future wasps. When the spider is completely eaten away and there was only an empty shell chitin, the larvae moves to cocoons where grows up to adults.

4. Cymothoa exigua is a unique parasite, as it completely replaces the victim’s tongue. Swimming into the fish’s mouth, it sticks to the tongue and sucks everything out of it until it turns white and falls out.


Cymothoa exigua clings by claws and muscles to the plаce where there was a tongue before and feeds on the fish blood. Parasite completely fulfills the tongue function, and fish does not feel any replacement. Fortunately, Tsimotu is interested only in fish.


5. Dermatodia hominis is a gadfly, parasitic on humans. Mosquito is an infection intermediary. Gadfly catches mosquito, lays eggs on the little body and flies away. Through mosquito bites larvae get under the skin, where it develops for 3-5 months. When the pupae turn into the adult insects, they leаve the body.