They are evеrywhere. Some of them can be completely harmless, the others are eating us from inside. All their essence is live at the expеnse of others. They are parasites. Do you know exactly which tricks they are able to play in order to capture their victims.

1. Toxoplаsma gondii is a parasite, which is rather dangerous to humаns. The pregnant woman’s infection results in damage of the fetal brain. And it can cause schizophrenia of an adult. Toxoplasma has a special feature: it can multiply only in the cat’s body. But how does it get there? The answer is simple! – Through the mouse, of course. Once in the body a mouse or rat, the parasite affects the rodent brain, which as a result has a definite fascination for the cats urine. And this addition is stronger than fear. It is clear that in this case the mouse will soon be eaten, and … a parasite will achieve its goal.


2. Loa loa lives in the body of all mammals, including human beings. It is also called “eye worm.” A favorite place of its habitat is the eyes. Parasite jaggers are some kinds of flies.


After the bite the worm enters the victim body and begins its traveling through the organism. In place of its location there are swelling and irritation. When it reaches the eyes, a person can even feel it and see its movement. Inside it can live for about 17 years. You can quickly get rid it with the help of medicine or surgery.

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