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Top 10 Rules of Weight Loss You Should Always Follow

Weight loss is a hard work, which supposes to do self-improvement every day to reach the goal. It could be easier when you have a plan, which consists of rules you must follow to have a good result. Shedding pounds process could be successful when sports, diet and cosmetic procedures are combined. Let’s create a read more »

Top 8 Most Tattooed Football Players

Very often football players are trendsetters, for example regarding clothes or hairstyles. And tattoos are not an exception. Today almost every football player has the original decorations on his body. So let’s look at the most tattooed football players in the world. 1.Djibril Cisse Cisse is basically one of the most “painted” football players of read more »

Ronaldo VS Messi

Two famous footballers of World Cup 2014 Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi are considered to be the most popular players. The data was taken from the social networks. Is it really true? Let’s check it! This World Cup gave us a lot of different and sometimes even amazing surprises! As it became known Cristiano Ronaldo and read more »

Schumacher Is At Home!

Today many of us have been really pleased to hear that Schumacher was taken out of the coma and his family was at last able to get him back home from the hospital. It is a perfect news for both – all sportsman’s supporters, as well as for those who just know about this person read more »

Ferrari Boss Does Not Intend to Leave His Post

Lately one more gossip was checked and disproved. – It has become known that Ferrari boss does not intend to leave his post. But let’s start from the very beginning. On the eve of the Italian Grand Prix, this year taken place at Monza, the paddock rumors reported that the head of Ferrari Luca di read more »

Diego Maradona Made a Really Fierce Fight In the Bar

Everybody, even the people, who are not interested in football, know, who is this person. The legends about him are popular among some generations of football fans. The former coach of the Argentine national team has long been known for his quick temper and violent behavior. We seem already get used to the situation he read more »