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Pregnant Stars on Heels

During pregnancy many women are imposed a great number of different prohibitions. Their mothers, grandmothers and older friends are sure that this period has to change their life dramatically. – But are the ladies themselves happy in their new image? – For example, is it worth to put away your favorite high-heeled shoes in which read more »

Celebs Who Broke Up And Still Had to Work Together

If you’ve ever experienced a breakup, you know how important it is to have a “cooling” period and avoid seeing your ex at least for a while. But not all the people are so privileged. Many celeb couples had to end their relationships in the middle of projects they’d been both involved in, so they read more »

Celebrity Wedding Dresses

Of course, every girl dreams of a luxurious wedding, but not every couple can afford to spend a really huge sum on wedding preparations. Another thing is for the celebrities. No matter they are able to organize a memorable wedding event, surprising visitors with its expensive and original outfits and showing a real performance. The read more »