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Breakfasts Around the World

Breakfast as a rule is the most substantial meal, even though it is sometimes rather different in appearance and taste. Of course, it mostly depends on what country you are in. Being in Russia or the United States you can every day eat a great amount of pancakes with berries, but in Thailand, for example, read more »


They are evеrywhere. Some of them can be completely harmless, the others are eating us from inside. All their essence is live at the expеnse of others. They are parasites. Do you know exactly which tricks they are able to play in order to capture their victims. 1. Toxoplаsma gondii is a parasite, which is read more »

Don’t Do This In Italy

Avoid the traditional tourist paths Returning from the trips, many travelers often complain about the crowds at the airports and museums, squares and popular attractions. Of course, it is rather irritating to be constantly among the people. If you don’t want to get in the same situation turn off the usual tourist routes and make read more »

The Most Deserted Places In The World

Our planet has many mysteries and interesting places, unknown to us. We will discover some of them later. But during the activity people often forget about their acts of creation and leave the premises for ever. Today we are going to tell you about the most interesting deserted places of the world. Here is a read more »

Top 10 Budget Hotels in Amsterdam

You need a miracle to find budget hotels in Amsterdam. Today we will show you top ten best budget hotels and hostels of the Dutch capital. So do not spend hours or even days in searching hotels and read our article. 1) Flying Pig Uptown Hostel This hostel is located on the outskirt of the read more »

8 Reasons to Travel Alone

Speaking about traveling, the last thing we are thinking about is to travel alone. There is a common knowledge that a travel, performed in somebody’s company is funnier and more interesting. So a lot of people worldwide are trying to find a fellow traveler, choosing him or her among friends or even acquaintances. However, traveling alone read more »

Unusual Bridges

From the earliest times, people tried to grasp the specific immensity, for example, to cross the oceans, mountains and deserts. Here we offer the most unusual bridges, which are man-made and awarded by numerous prizes. It is not surprising, that they belong to outstanding world architecture and building history. Have you known already what are read more »

10 Reasons to Visit Germany

Are you searching for the country to spend your long-waited holiday? – Visit Germany then! Why? – Lets see. – That is the state, which has already used advanced technologies in the ecology field. A great amount of wind turbines and solar farms can be seen, when you are travelling on the fastest trains in the read more »