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Why Are We Falling In A Dream?

Have you ever had a dream that you are falling in a bottomless abyss? Sometimes it is accompanied by a sudden start and awakening. This is absolutely normal state. From time to time it happens with most people. The experts consider that one of the main reasons for this phenomenon is unstable sleep. And in read more »

What If the Largest Volcano In the World Begins to Erupt?

If this volcano suddenly erupted, the word would for sure freeze… Yellowstone Nаtional Park, Wyoming, USA. Every day in July, when the weather outdoors is hot, 3 million visitors come to the famous park in order to watch one of the greatest geysers eruptions. No matter everyone is really impressed, but while they are chattering read more »

How Clever Are Dolphins?

Frankly speaking this question is quite complicated, and even the most reputable scientists of the world can’t answer it definitely. It is well-known that it was Ancient Greece that treated these marine predators with great respect. But are they really so smart and clever as we think? Let’s try to understand and to give a read more »