Breakfasts Around the World

• Egypt’s national dish called Ful medames, which includes boiled beans, prepared over the fire and flavored with garlic, sour lemon juice and aroma olive oil.

• India: Indian tofu with lentils, tasty veggie sausage and perfect banana toast with roasted potatoes and rosemary.


• Iran: bread with local butter and orange jam.When in some situations a light breakfast is not enough, the Iranians prefer Halim – a special mixture of wheat, spicy cinnamon, local butter and brown sugar specially cooked with shredded meat in really huge pots. Also here you can see the Iranian kind of an omelet.

• China: noodles, rice, chicken and roasted vegetables.Frankly speaking, breakfast in this country is not very different from dinner.

• Colombia: milk soup with eggs, onion and cheese.