10 Ways to Conquer a Man On the First Date

3. Your «highlight”

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Men always want to be proud of their chosen one, because successful companion can confirm their personal achievements and make their friends envy. However, this does not mean that you have to be a PhD, a movie star or a businesswoman, it’’s enough to have an advantage, like an unusual hobby.

4. Emphasize the indispensability and the superiority of your chosen one

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This is the easiest way to please your chosen one. Just ask about something and at the same time emphasize that he is the only one who can help you. Naturally, the request must be the most difficult, so that it could be executed. The girl who is listening with delight and constantly telling the man that he is the most intelligent and attractive, strong and extraordinary, unique and desirable, incomparable and unique can quickly win the heart of her chosen one. Even the most pragmatic representatives of the stronger sex are ready to do everything to listen to these words as often as possible. It is important not to forget about the sincerity, admire only those qualities which really attract you in men.