10 Reasons to Visit Germany

Are you searching for the country to spend your long-waited holiday? – Visit Germany then!

Why? – Lets see. – That is the state, which has already used advanced technologies in the ecology field. A great amount of wind turbines and solar farms can be seen, when you are travelling on the fastest trains in the world. A perfect place, isn’t it?

Are you ready to book the tickets? Not yet? – Then read about another 10 reasons, showing why Germany is the ideal holiday destination.

1. Oktoberfest


Can you imagine: 15 unforgettable days. 6 million happy visitors. 6 million liters of the best beer. 500,000 tasty roast chickens. The biggest ethnic festival on the planet. This event is served by 12 000 staff. Every year for more than 200 years in the second part of October huge crowds rush to Munich in order to to meet the great fall festival.

In fact, the reason is trite, they long for drinking the world’s perfect beer. Great and excited atmosphere! Funny and cheerful mood! You will be really delighted.

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